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Mesut Özil – Deal Or No Deal

Speaking to German football magazine Kicker, Mesut Özil asked the question which has been on many people’s lips: what is going on with Arsène Wenger’s contract?

Several months ago, Ivan Gazidis made it clear that there was a contract renewal waiting for Wenger to sign. The manager wasn’t having any of it, determined to renew in his own good time. That’s if he stays and changes at the top cannot be ruled out.

During the interview, Özil didn’t hide that he wanted to remain at the club but refused to commit himself to signing the deal currently on the table. His future is not dependent upon Arsène staying, but he wants to know what’s going on.

That’s hardly surprising; he signed from Real Madrid where they hire and fire managers irrespective of their performance.

With Arsenal, there is a genuine shortage of experience at board level when it comes to appointing new coaches. Only Ken Friar was at the club when Wenger joined, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if dithering marred the appointment of his successor.

Wenger has already stated that he won’t decide his future until the spring at the earliest. If Arsenal’s season has taken a turn for the worst, it may not be until after the final home game against West Bromwich Albion.

This flux leaves Özil in limbo. While the World Cup winner is the only person who genuinely knows what he meant, there can be little doubt he wants to see a big name replacement at the helm.

A genuine fear of change paralyses sections of Arsenal’s support. Don’t replace Wenger; their false logic is that you don’t know whether it will bring success. It’s this mentality, the lack of a cutting edge to thinking, which has brought the club to its current standing.

Fifth in the Premier League, the Gunners are in a real fight for the Champions League places. Whereas before we relied only on Spurs imploding – which they did with a gratefully received regularity – this time, we’re up against both Manchester clubs and Liverpool as well.

The longer the uncertainty over the futures of Sanchez and Özil goes on, the more chance there is of Arsenal missing out on the major European competition.

The two players are key to Arsenal’s short-term future and for a manager who spends a great deal of time professing his love of the club, to leave us in the dark over his future, seems quite bizarre.

It’s obvious that we’re not going to win the title; Wenger isn’t going to get the glorious last hurrah of Sir Alex Ferguson when he stood down as Manchester United manager.

He may believe that by not deciding his fate this early in the season, that he is keeping his options open. This attitude isn’t in the club’s best interests; it suits only Arsene Wenger.

There is no doubt that renewing his contract will upset a section of the fanbase, just as his departure will. Whichever way events turn, a group of people is going to be upset. Better that than a large portion of supporters growing indifferent to each season.



  1. Barry G Pascoe 17 February, 2017 at 10:32 Reply

    It is obvious that all is not well at arsenal.the lack of fight and passion that the players show is not acceptable.the team selections are not what all people appreciate.there our players under performing but our never substituted,this in itself must cause friction between the players for the manager,he has served arsenal admerably but what happens on the pitch comes directly from the top man and at the moment does not seem to be reaching the players .As for Arsen if he intends to leave the club he should inform the board now so that they can put the wheels in motion to appoint a replacement.

  2. Mannix 29 April, 2017 at 17:57 Reply

    One way or another one day Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal and we will have to open a new chapter, it can be either negative or positive for us but the truth is Wenger stars begin to fade after departed of Tony Adam and eventually P.Vieira. Arsenal begun to lack command and leadership to pressure the players to believe in themselves. Sources said Wenger became soft and only final say not even the Captain could be able to rebuke players for lack of fighting spirits. I believe we have good squad to win major trophies if a manager like Fergie or Diego Simeone given chance. Imagine players are restricted to shoot from far that is why Wenger didn’t have good relationship with the likes of Podolski, Arshavin and even Xhaxa scored to goals outside 18 yards but seem he was warned coz he never tried. Sexy football, classy goals without silverware is rubbish. Wenger out call is very justified. We gave him enough time to built the club as it used to be but failed and took us for a long drive.

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